Confessions and verdicts of 1.) Anton Christoph Glaubrecht, known as Amhorezle, a Jewish proselyte born in Cronheim, 2.) Aaron Jacob, known as Aaron Ger, a Jew born in Amsterdam, 3.) Samson Levi, known as Schamse Schopfloch, formerly of Schopfloch, 4.) Moyses Salomon, known as the black Mosche, a Jew born in Fußgenheim, 5.) Joseph Jacob, known as poor Melammed, a Jew born in Brodow in Poland, and 6.) Herz Jacob, a Jew, born in Münchholzhaußen by Wetzlar, who were executed for their numerous violent burglaries and robberies on Thursday November 19th, 1761, some by the sword some by strangulation.

From: "Poor Sinners' Pamphlets"