The murderer Georg Maul and his accomplices.

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The murderer Georg Maul and his accomplices.


Der Mörder Georg Maul und seine Mitschuldigen. Title from caption.


Michigan State University Library Special Collections XX folioHV6535.G3M673 1806






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Johann Leykauf, a 66 year-old widower, wanted to marry the miller's daughter, Anna, who was not yet 20. Her parents pressed for the union since Leykauf was a well-to-do farmer so Anna wed him in 1793. The couple lived together in relative harmony for 6 years though Leykauf sometimes treated his wife poorly out of capricousness and jealousy. Georg Roth, a man in his 20s, came to work for the couple and soon had an affair with Leykauf's young wife. Once Leykauf found out he began treating his wife very poorly. Roth hoped to marry Ann in order to possess the wealth of the older man so Roth and Anna soon came up with a plan to hire Georg Maul, who was known to be a man of bad character, to kill Leykauf. In March of 1801, when the older man had to travel to a mill on business, his wife pretended to have an errand at the place Maul worked. She told him where her husband was headed. Maul found him and beat him to death after which he received his pay off from Leykauf's widow. He and the widow agreed to confess to nothing if they were questioned. Roth and Maul were the likely murder suspects so both were arrested. There was not enough evidence to hold them so they were released. Roth married the widow and that caused further suspicion of his involvement. Soon all three were brought in for interrogation. Anna Roth confessed but the men did not. Georg Roth was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Anna Roth was sentenced to beheading with a sword. The murderer, Georg Maul, was also sentenced to beheading by the sword then was to have his body placed on the wheel for public display. Anna's sentenced was commuted to 10 years in prison along with paying the cost for her imprisonment and that of her husband's as well. Maul's sentence remained the same and he was executed on April 29, 1801.

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The murderer Georg Maul and his accomplices., s.n., 1806

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